Step By Step Guide: Shed Conversion To Garden Office Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon Business Working From Home Garden Shed

Garden Studio Offices are essential if you are planning on starting your own hairdressing salon in your back garden space. They are easy to install, cost effective & allow you to have flexibility in your full-time work. It’s great to have flexibility, as it means you can have a healthy work life balance.

1. Space & Size

The space & size of the garden shed you will need depends on what you will need in your beauty salon. If you’re planning on an all inclusive beauty salon & need space for chairs, nails, tanning etc, you may want to consider looking at larger sized summerhouses.

This depends on the extra space you have available in your garden. Make sure that your modern garden can accommodate the size of shed you need for your beauty salon. Finally, it is important to consider the surroundings of the shed. Will it be worth putting some TLC into your garden so that your clients can have a professional unique experience. Check out housebeautiful’s guide on garden ideas on a budget if you want to spruce up your garden aesthetic.

2. Decide On Your Shed

Turn Your Shed Into A Beauty Salon
Garden Building Home Salon Conversion

Sheds, Summerhouses & Garden Offices provide the perfect setup for your Beauty / Hair Salon. Consider all types of garden buildings before you purchase, it is important to have a good knowledge of what is available to you before you make a decision. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Will I require planning permission?

Do you want double glazed windows?

How Many?

What do you want them to be made out of?

Do you want the doors & windows in a specific place?

Do you want the door to be made out of a specific material?

Will you need extra elevation? 

These are all examples of questions you will need to consider when purchasing your garden studio. If you are struggling to answer them right now & need to speak to an expert, rest assured.

If you contact Heavy Duty Timber Building’s whatsapp number we can answer all of your questions & take you through exactly what your home beauty salon will need. After this, order your shed & have it delivered / installed by our expert craftsmen. 

3. Insulate The Shed

Once your shed has been installed, it is time for you to start insulating your garden workspace! If you plan on operating at all times of the year, we suggest insulating your building.

Take care of your clients, no one wants to be getting their hair done in the freezing cold. If you need help on insulating your garden summerhouse then feel free to check out our guide.

4. Decide On Your Flooring

Decide on the flooring for your beauty studio, based on what you will be using it for. If you’re cutting hair, it is likely you will need something easy to clean. If you’re painting nails, you want to be able to remove stains easily.

There are plenty of different options available out there. However, before you make any final decisions, set yourself a budget. Flooring options that have a higher cost, may be practical. Although, that doesn’t prevent you doing some DIY. If you’re looking for cheap flooring options & don’t mind a compromise on quality, here is a guide from plasticinehouse

5. Install Electricity / Lighting / Running Water

This is another step where you can choose between the DIY or professional route. If you plan on keeping costs low it may be worth investigating some guides on ‘How to install Electricity & Lighting in your garden shed’. Here at Heavy Duty Timber Buildings we suggest employing a local electrician to do this for you if you’re serious about starting a home business. Embrace your inner entrepreneur & take the calculated risk if you believe that it will be worth it.

6. Decorate

Garden Building Workshop & Wooden Office Beauty Salon
Hairdressers In Your Garden Workshop

Your Home Beauty Salon Business is nearly up & running. As you’re coming to the final stages of turning your garden shed into a Beauty Salon, it is time you started to decorate! Decide on what you will be decorating the walls with once you have covered up the insulation. 

Will you be putting wallpaper down? 

Will you be painting?

Be creative, think of who your clients are. 

What would they like? 

What would add to their experience? 

Is there anywhere they can take a photo & promote your brand?

Take into consideration all of these questions. You want your shed to be eye-catching, welcoming & professional. The first impression people get from your shed will greatly impact their experience & help them decide if they will become a long standing client.

8. Install Beauty Equipment

Are you excited? You are nearly a self employed beautician with their very own business from home! The final step is the most simple, you now need to just install your beauty equipment into your garden Beauty Salon & you are ready to start your self employed journey!