How to Turn Your Garden Shed into A Gym

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10 Fantastic Ways to Use Your Garden BuildingEveryone with a home gym knows that exercise equipment can take up a lot of room in your house. A home gym means that you have to choose certain times to work out, otherwise you may disturb your family. It’s hard to work out without disturbing anyone & stick to a daily routine as people’s lives can often be manic.

A Gym Shed is the perfect solution to this, you can have your own place to work out freely whenever you choose. It doesn’t matter if you love to lift weights, complete yoga exercises, or do a marathon on a running machine.

All of these activities can be accommodated in your garden gym. Investing in yourself & gym equipment is the only risk free investment you can make. It’s entirely up to you whether the investment pays off. Whilst you’re working out it’s important you have cool air & air vents, which many home gyms do not have.

Choosing a shed which can accommodate for your activities

Making sure you know what shed is going to be suitable for your garden room is essential. If you’re lifting free weights & need space for cardio equipment, you may want to opt for something slightly larger. Take into consideration some questions: How much room are you going to need? Do you have the right ventilation system in place to stop your garden room being filled with the smell of sweat?

You may consider looking into purchasing a Gym shed or log cabin from our website. A gym shed has much more sophisticated ventilation systems compared to your normal garden rooms & resultantly will allow you to exercise more effectively.

It’s important to have proper ventilation when working out. This will stop the spread of germs, keep your exercise area clean & help you increase muscle growth.

However, Most Gym Shed’s may get a bit cold in the winter, to combat this we make sure all of our sheds have forms of insulation designed into them to help you save time. If you’d like to have a look at our available gym sheds, click here.

Okay, So I’ve Chosen What Shed I Am Going To Be Using, Now What?

Okay, so you have now chosen what space you will be using to work out. There are still a few steps to go before you can fully use your new home gym!

You now need to start preparing the space for some changes. The first step to preparing is clearing your area out. Do not leave anything inside, as it may get damaged.

I’m afraid you’re going to have to find a new place as garden storage now, as you’re about to turn your shed into a place of blood, sweat and tears.

The Flooring: How & Why You Need To Prepare Your Shed Properly

Interlocking Floor Mats | Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles by Polymax UK

When you’re working out, how many times do you drop the weights on the last set? How many people have you seen throw the weights down because they are physically done? The floor in commercial gyms is designs to take the weight of the weights being dropped on them, but I assure you, if you do this on wood with no reinforcement, you’re most likely going to break something.

You’ll need to look for ‘click and rubber’ floor tiles in local stores, or order them online. Although these can often be quite expensive, it is a worthwhile investment and will cost you less since you won’t be paying for repairs to your garden shed every week.

There are a few alternatives to using rubber flooring, but the reality is rubber flooring is the best thing for the job.

Insulating Your Garden Gym Shed

There are many ways you can insulate your personal gym. A few different ways you may choose to do this is with: foam, loose fill, spray insulation, bubble wrap, PIR Boards & Plenty of other materials.

It’s important you insulate your garden gym shed so you don’t freeze whilst your in winter. No one wants to enter your home gym & have to spend half an hour warming up just to then spend an hour working out.

It’s important that you have insulation so you can keep your shed cooler in the summer. Working out in a hot ‘greenhouse’ like environment can put stress on your body & make you easily fatigued.

Make sure you ventilate after you insulate

it’s a great way to stop noise escaping from your shed whilst your working out as insulation & ventilation can help you decrease noise pollution. Ventilation is a key aspect of getting a proper workout. If you can’t get the right amount of clean air to your lungs, your workouts will be slacking. It’s an essential part of increasing your performance.

It can’t be overlooked, with the recent COVID pandemic, the positive health benefits of having proper ventilation in your gym. It has became an important part of everyday life that we look after our hearts & lungs properly.

Powering Up Your Gym Shed

How much power you will need to run your gym shed is dependant on what you are planning on using it for. If you’re not using running, rowing, cycling machines, then you may find that battery powered devices may be more beneficial & save you some time.

It is always a nice addition to connect a source of power to your gym so you can keep your working out space lit. For people who have decided that their garden gym is going to be quite far away from your house; this may be difficult, however not impossible. If you’re having trouble with powering up your gym then you may want to hire a qualified electrician.

The benefits of doing this are huge. You will have confidence that you won’t be working out one day & all of a sudden the electrics have gone off and you’re in the dark.

Loading up your new home gym with the right equipment

fitness studio weight rack for free weights

Now your gym shed is ready, there is one last step, filling it with the right equipment. We advise that you get some forms of storage unit to keep your shed tidy. For example, a rack for you to put weights, or a storage cupboard for yoga mats, etc. If you’re having trouble deciding what equipment you would like to fill your gym with, read our guide on gym equipment to help you lose weight at home.

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