Step By Step: A Beginners Guide To Building A Shed Base

Building The Perfect Garden Log Cabin Base

When you’re planning on building a shed in your garden, it’s important that you have a solid and level wooden shed base. Here at Heavy Duty Timber Buildings, we highly recommend having a level ground for your garden shed. If you have not created a base, but do have a patio or decking, that will be sufficient.

Creating A Foundation For Your Gym Shed
Creating A Concrete Base Step By Step

1. Selecting The Right Material

Your first step will be to select the correct material for your base. Each base has different benefits & drawbacks, you should choose the base which best suits you needs.

Concrete Shed Base

The most durable type of base for your shed. Pouring concrete to create a base is a great idea if you are looking for something which will last. It is often created with reinforcement, or can just be concrete on it’s own.

Concrete Paving Slabs

This is a cost effective way of creating a shed base. Whilst being cost effective, the paver shed foundation has great durability. If you aren’t shy of physical labor & want your base to last for a long time, this is a method which is suited to you.

Plastic Shed base

This is a quick & super easy solution for people who are eager to construct a shed in their garden. Plastic shed bases are very lightweight & removes all heavy lifting from the construction process of the base. Additionally, plastic shed base grids are also very durable & can be reused. This option is great for people who are rushed for time & need a quick solution.

Timber Shed Base

A traditional foundation method. This consists of creating a base from straight wooden foundations & is simple to construct. We would advise that you use tanalised wood for this as the wooden foundations you use may be susceptible to wear & tear. 

2. Choosing Where To Build Your Base

It’s important that you choose the right place for your garden building. There are elements you should consider before constructing your base. 

Do not place the base near any walls of your home or fences, garden buildings often overhang & this may cause problems.

Be weary of the surroundings of your base. For example, you don’t want overhanging branches or large bushes as if they were to grow, you may experience them obstructing your garden building. If there are any branches or bushes nearby, you may want to consider taking care of these before you construct your base.

Finally, you should also consider how accessible your garden building is. This is another reason you need to take decisive action.

Level Off Your Poured Concrete Base For Your Garden Shed
Level Off Your Concrete Base With A Straight Plank

3. Building Your Base

  • Mark Our Your Area

Now you have decided where you will be building your base, it’s time to mark out the area. Use peg & strings to mark out the base. Do this 2 inches larger than the area of the building on each side.

  • Leveling Off The Area

You can decide whether you want the area to be level with the ground, or even above it. It is your choice. If you want it to be level you need to excavate the earth to 6 inches. Once you have done this we advise you level the area with a spade & remove your pegs.

  • Measure, Cut & Fit Timber To Fit The Shape Of The Base

This is especially important if you are using poured concrete. You need to install legs of timber to ensure that the concrete is contained. Check all of your measurements before you pour the concrete as this will ensure that you have a study base. After this, you will need to fill in the base with a layer of compacted hard-core.

  • Adding Concrete To Your Base

Once you have your concrete – mixed from cement or dry mixed concrete & water, Slowly pour this mixture into your base. It is important to note that you should be adding small amounts of water into the mixed concrete. Do not overload your base with concrete as excessive amounts may make your mixture sloppy. Once you have filled your base with concrete, level it off with a wooden plank, or any long straight piece of equipment.

  • Constructing Your Garden Building

Now is the time you have all been waiting for! You can finally construct your garden shed. If you’ve got to this stage & you’re still undecided as to what garden shed you would like, you may want to check out some of our fully customisable sheds, they are perfect for all budgets & are made by expert craftsmen!