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Step By Step: A Beginners Guide To Building A Shed Base

Building The Perfect Garden Log Cabin Base

When you’re planning on building a shed in your garden, it’s important that you have a solid and level wooden shed base. Here at Heavy Duty Timber Buildings, we highly recommend having a level ground for your garden shed. If you have not created a base, but do have a patio or decking, that will be sufficient.

Tongue & Groove, Shiplap and Overlap: Buying A Shed

Shiplap Cladding on tanalised garden buildings

We are all guilty of getting wrapped up in the aesthetic look of our garden buildings. A Garden shed might look nice & that makes it easy to forget about the build and cladding.

They’re an important feature of your garden building, cladding can have an impact on a lot more than you think. The strength, price and even the uses of your shed are all affected by the cladding. If you want to find the perfect garden shed, or garden office, it is essential you know the difference between the different styles to help you find the perfect shed for you.

Step By Step Guide: Shed Conversion To Garden Office Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon Business Working From Home Garden Shed

Garden Studio Offices are essential if you are planning on starting your own hairdressing salon in your back garden space. They are easy to install, cost effective & allow you to have flexibility in your full-time work. It’s great to have flexibility, as it means you can have a healthy work life balance.

Tips For Staying Productive: Working In Your Home Office

Being Productive Whilst Working From Home In Your Garden Office

The COVID pandemic has hit everyone hard. It has forced people to work remotely from the comfort of their own home. Although this may seem attractive at first, it means you have to be able to stay focused & avoid distractions.

Working from home can be a blessing if you are able to stay productive. In order to help a lot of people stay productive whilst remotely working, we have created this guide. Here are our 10 best tips to help you stay productive whilst working at home in your office.

The Complete Garden Office Planning Permission Guide:

Lime Lace Garden Pod For Your meetings

Just before you decide whether to construct a building in your garden space, it’s important you find out if you require planning permission – this could potentially save you from having to take down your garden building if you are found to be guilty of not following regulations.
The specific details of rules on planning permission do vary dependent on where you live; however this guide will cover the basics of everything that you need to know.

10 Garden Office Ideas | Productivity When Working From Home

Garden Office Being Productive Whilst Working From Home

Do you find working from home difficult? Is your working environment loud, hectic & full of mayhem?
Creating a perfect, quiet, productive working environment is the heart and soul purpose of high quality garden office buildings. Given the current circumstances, many businesses are moving towards the idea of remote working, allowing people the freedom to work from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

However, without being at a working office, it’s hard to stay focused & avoid distractions, which is why so many people look for ways to stay productive whilst working from home. A garden office building is the perfect solution.

Let’s Take A Look At Our 10 Garden Office Ideas That Will Help You Stay Productive Whilst Working From Home…

How Long Does It Take To See Results In The Gym?

exercise to increase your personal well-being

Who doesn’t love the idea of having that big chest, broad shoulders & wide back when they visit the beach this year? What often holds people back from achieving this is how long they think it will take to see these results.

What people often don’t know is how long it really does take to build muscle. It heavily depends on how out of shape you are, but the overriding factor is how committed you are to shredding fat & gaining muscle.

At Home Exercises To Build Muscle

press ups at home workout

Most people think that you need a gym membership or personal trainer to get big, but that’s not it at all! Let’s face it, there are always times when people can’t make their way to the gym to workout.

Some people struggle with staying motivated when working out at home as they think you can’t achieve any significant results, people don’t realize that by simply using the weight of your body or some basic weights at home you can achieve your dream body.

The Benefits Of Working Out | At Home & In The Gym

Working Out At Home Reducing Depression & Anxiety

Working Out & Exercising Has So Many Health Benefits, It’s An Essential Part Of Living A Healthy & Happy life. Even the busiest people on the planet like Bill Gates increase their heart rates & complete physical exercise every single day.

What causes people to quit the gym?

free weights gym working out fitness

When people start to workout they often set themselves high expectations. Everyone dreams of having that beach body reach for summer, and it’s understandable. Who wouldn’t want this? This is why every year thousands of people start the gym as their new year’s resolutions. The truth is that most of these people aren’t serious about sticking to it. Usually by the time Easter comes around, most of these people have quit, until next January.