At Home Exercises To Build Muscle

press ups at home workout

Most people think that you need a gym membership or personal trainer to get big, but that’s not it at all! Let’s face it, there are always times when people can’t make their way to the gym to workout.

Some people struggle with staying motivated when working out at home as they think you can’t achieve any significant results, people don’t realize that by simply using the weight of your body or some basic weights at home you can achieve your dream body.

At Home Exercises That Will Help You Build Muscle
Kettle Bells

Exercises That Will Help You Achieve Your Goal:

Press ups

To get into a press-up position. Lay down on the floor with your back facing the ceiling. Put your two palms of your hands against the floor shoulder width apart & fully extend your arms.

You want your back to be flat so that a straight line could run straight from your head to your heels. To complete a press up lower yourself until your chest is about to touch the floor then fully extend your arms. If you need a guide on ‘How To Complete A Full Press-Up’ , click here.

Press-ups are great for training many muscles at once. They can train your arms, shoulders & chest all at once. They can be easily completed at home by almost anyone & can be great ways of maintaining strength without hitting the gym

Incline Press-ups

Another great variation of a press up is completing an incline press-up. To do this body weight exercise you need to place your hands slightly wider than your shoulder width & make sure your body is on an angle. (For example, putting your hands on a raised object like a chair whilst your feet are still on the ground.)

To complete a rep is the same process as a normal press up, lower your body till your chest touches the object you are pressing & extend your arms.

Floor Press

To do a floor press you will need dumbbells. You need to lie flat on the floor with your chest facing the ceiling, hold a singular dumbbell in each hand above your chest, making sure your arms are fully extended. To complete a rep you will then need to lower the weights slowly & press them back up towards the ceiling.

The floor press is great as it means you can attempt relatively heavy weights & as you’re rep’s are more like half reps; you can focus on targeting specific muscles in your chest.

Running & Jogging As A Way Of Keeping Fit Outside Of The Gym
Running, Jogging & Participating In Heart Racing Activities.

Running Or Jogging

The hardest part of going for a run is forcing yourself to get ready & go out the door. However, there is a lot more to running than might come to mind for a new runner. It is highly recommended for new runners that you begin with a light jog or walk as you may experience a stitch because of your breathing.

Additionally, it will be a good way to start building up your stamina so you can gradually go on longer & longer runs.

By completing regular runs you will always be finding that your energy levels are constantly increasing & physical activity puts less strain on your body.


Possibly one of my least favourite cardio activities & the most tiring.

To do a burpee you will need to do a squat until your thighs are perpendicular(at a 90-degree angle) to your shins, then change into a press up position from there. When you do this you need to kick your legs & feet back, then bring them back to their original position. After that you need to explode upwards & do a full star jump. Then Repeat. If you need a visual guide on ‘How To Complete A Burpee’ , click here.

This is great for weight loss & full body workouts at home & there are very few home workout activities which will compare to it.

Renegade Row

To do a renegade row you need to get your feet together & hands holding dumbbells shoulder-width. You will then need to tense your core so your body is straight. You will then need to row the weight up starting with your elbow & alternate arms.

The Renegade row works your upper lats one side at a time & is great to build muscle at home.

Bodyweight Exercises

Body weight exercises are a great way to build strength & increase your muscle mass without weights. Some body weight exercises include holding the plank position, where you need to stay in a press up position & brace your core. If you’d like to look further into the world of body weight exercises & calisthenics, click here.

Another great body weight exercise is a split squat. A split squat is a great way to build your leg muscles. You need to do a standard squat on one leg with your front foot extended out.

If you’re looking to train abs at home, you can try front foot levels, these are where you lie down kick your legs out, keep them straight & licking them up and down.

Pent Studio Gym Working Out Studio Home Office
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Where Do I Work Out At Home?

A big problem people face when working their upper body out at home & training specific muscle groups is finding a space for the muscle group. The best place we can recommend for having a home workout space is a gym shed. These are versatile spaces that can provide you a great location for muscle building & increasing your heart rate. They are great investments which can be more cost effective, than having your own gym membership. We would recommend looking at our Premium Garden Gym Shed as a good place to start.