The Benefits Of Working Out | At Home & In The Gym

Working Out At Home Reducing Depression & Anxiety

Working Out & Exercising Has So Many Health Benefits, It’s An Essential Part Of Living A Healthy & Happy life. Even the busiest people on the planet like Bill Gates increase their heart rates & complete physical exercise every single day.

Exercise Makes You Happier
Happiness can increase your overall health & make your relationships improve in life

Exercise Makes You Feel Happier

Research shows that the benefits of exercise can improve your mood drastically. This happens as it increases the brain’s sensitivity to different hormones that are secreted whilst you exercise. These hormones are serotonin and norepinephrine, which counteracts feelings of depression. Here is a study from Harvard University.

Not only does it reduce depression, which makes you happier, when you exercise you also produce endorphins, which make you happier & reduce the feelings of pain.

It doesn’t matter how intense your exercise is, doing a 30 minute exercise or doing a 150 minute physical activity will still improve your mood & it has been proven in various studies.

Regular physical activity is so empowering to people that it is a genuine solution to long term & short term symptoms of depression & can greatly reduce your negativity.

Studies show that active people who stop exercising regularly experience significant decreases in their happiness. All in all, exercise is good for maintaining a healthy mind & will reduce your risk of depression.

Exercise Improves Weight Loss

Exercise can stop you gaining more weight than is necessary & help you lose necessary weight as well. When you engage in weight lifting, or cardio activities, you begin to burn calories. If you are participating in HIT (High Intensity Workouts) You Will Burn More Calories. The NHS suggests 12 tips that can help you lose weight & include being active as one of their tips.

It is always better to exercise a little, rather than not exercise at all. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a busy day, make no excuses & be consistent to your goals & you will begin to reap the rewards.

Whilst you begin to lose weight by completing regular exercise, this will also mean that you begin to experience reduced risk of developing heart diseases & type 2 diabetes. These are two important factors you need to be weary of if you want to live a long & healthy life.

Fun Fact:

Exercise Can Also Reduce Your Blood Pressure Which Means That Your Heart Can Pump More Blood With Less Effort, Meaning Your Heart Is Extremely Healthy.

exercise to increase your personal well-being
Exercising increases your overall mood

Exercise Is A Great Way Of Reducing Anxiety & Improving Your Mental Health

Exercise will forever be a natural way of tricking your brain into reducing anxiety & it is proven to be effective. Whilst it boosts your physical and mental energy through the release of endorphins, this will consequently begin to reduce your levels of stress & anxiety. This can be anything from going for a walk, or even playing in an 11 a side football match. The more intense & focused you are the better.

Focus on how you are breathing, or even feeling the wind rushing past as you are sprinting towards the football for a challenge. It’s important to add this level of mindfulness whilst you are performing physical activity. It will help you improve your physical condition & increase your performance, whilst reducing worries in your mind.

Exercise Can Greatly Boost Your Confidence

There’s nothing better than completing a heavy weight training session. It gets even better when you forced yourself to get out of bed early & go on a run beforehand. It gives you a huge confidence boost knowing that your stamina & strength is increasing; indicating that you are getting in better shape.

It is essential to stick to your plan, although it means you may have to be quite flexible at times with how and when you work out, it will be worth it. This may even mean that you have to convert a part of your house into a gym, or consider purchasing a gym shed. Having this flexibility so you can adapt to any situation & still achieve your goals will help prepare you to take on anything.

As you begin to get stronger, you will for sure start to see progress in your physical appearance as well. This gives you a huge motivation & confidence boost. It’s not only measured with lifting heavier weight though (which can sometimes become a challenge when there isn’t a variety of equipment readily available to you.) Imagine how you will feel when you complete your first set of ten pull-ups. (Only 32% of people can achieve 10 or more consecutive pull ups)

Exercise Strengthens Your Bones And Muscles

As people get older, their bones, joints & muscles get weaker. It’s so important people look after these as they are a key part to us being able to move & live life. You need to be able to do your daily activities & physically active in order to live a fulfilled life.

As you get older, you lose bone density, by completing regular forms of exercise you can slow this loss & help you live a longer, healthier and prosperous life.

Older people are at significant increased risk to health conditions like hip fracture, which physical exercise can drastically help prevent.

For people of the older generation, it will also add to prevention of injuries from falling. Physical activity programs that involve older adults completing a various range of different activities are very successful at reducing falls and fall related injuries. This may include activities like strength training, running, yoga, walking & jumping jacks.