What causes people to quit the gym?

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When people start to workout they often set themselves high expectations. Everyone dreams of having that beach body reach for summer, and it’s understandable. Who wouldn’t want this? This is why every year thousands of people start the gym as their new year’s resolutions.

The truth is that most of these people aren’t serious about sticking to it. Usually by the time Easter comes around, most of these people have quit, until next January.

New gym members often start with great enthusiasm for getting fit & healthy. However, what holds people back is how fast they expect results. People expect to go to the gym for 30 minutes once a week & hit their fitness goals in a month.

This is why after a couple of months, they start deciding whether their gym membership & personal training is actually worth their money.

By June/July, 50% of these people who started fresh in January I am sad to say will become demotivated & will cancel their membership.

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So What Actually Causes People To Cancel Their Gym Memberships?

Family Or Work Obligations – People often get tied into arrangements at work, which will leave them with little time for the gym or working out. This can have a negative impact on their mental health as they lack time to work on themselves, this means they don’t benefit from strength training & weight loss.

Feeling Out Of Place – This can be a huge limiting belief for people who have body issues. Going to the gym & being surrounded by people who are in great shape can feel intimidating, as a result you begin to feel like people are looking at you. However, the truth is that everyone in that gym had to start from somewhere, no one was born with 12 inch biceps & everyone can respect the fact you are putting in the work.

There are great cost effective solutions for people who want to work out but feel out of place, one of these is investing in a home gym shed. These are great options for people & will save you a lot of money on gym memberships if you are serious about your weight loss journey. If you would like to view some gym sheds available on our website click here.

Lacking knowledge of how to use equipment properly – I know this was a big factor that I found was preventing me from staying fit & stopping me losing weight. I can appreciate how hard it is for people to have confidence in what they are doing & if it is going to work in the long term when they don’t know if they are training with proper form.

The solution to this is getting a gym buddy or personal trainer. I spent the first 6 months of working out with my friend who had been going for 2 years previously. Honestly I cannot stress how much this kept me motivated whilst teaching me how to work out & use equipment properly.

Overall, keeping a healthy level of fitness can be challenging at times & a huge psychological battle, the best solutions that I can suggest to you are: Getting a gym buddy, Personal Trainer, Or A Home Gym. These 3 things can tackle all of your confidence/knowledge/motivation issues at the gym & can help you start building that perfect beach body.