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What causes people to quit the gym?

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When people start to workout they often set themselves high expectations. Everyone dreams of having that beach body reach for summer, and it’s understandable. Who wouldn’t want this? This is why every year thousands of people start the gym as their new year’s resolutions. The truth is that most of these people aren’t serious about sticking to it. Usually by the time Easter comes around, most of these people have quit, until next January.

Starting The Gym For Your New Year’s Resolution

At Home Exercises That Will Help You Build Muscle

What’s the most common New Year’s resolution people have?

To start the gym & increasing their personal fitness of course! Here at Gym sheds we could not suggest a healthier new years resolution! So here are some insights on how you can achieve that new dream beach body by the time summer comes around.

Your new year’s resolution for 2021 might be to get stronger, or to lose some weight, however it’s important you make your goals a lot more focused. Having broad, unspecific goals can cause depression as people don’t have set targets & aren’t celebrating small wins along the way. really hone in on what you want to achieve‚Ķ

How to Turn Your Garden Shed into A Gym

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Everyone with a home gym knows that exercise equipment can take up a lot of room in your house. A home gym means that you have to choose certain times to work out, otherwise you may disturb your family. It’s hard to work out without disturbing anyone & stick to a daily routine as people’s […]