Starting The Gym For Your New Year’s Resolution

At Home Exercises That Will Help You Build Muscle

As 2021 comes to an end, a lot of people start to think about how they want to start their new year. How do people make sure they have a good start to their new year?

By having a new years resolution of course!

What’s the most common New Year’s resolution people have? 

To start the gym & increasing their personal fitness of course! Here at Gym sheds we could not suggest a healthier new years resolution! So here are some insights on how you can achieve that new dream beach body by the time summer comes around.

Your new year’s resolution for 2021 might be to get stronger, or to lose some weight, however it’s important you make your goals a lot more focused. Having broad, unspecific goals can cause depression as people don’t have set targets & aren’t celebrating small wins along the way. really hone in on what you want to achieve…

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Is it that you want to lose exactly 2 stone? Is it that you want to put on 10 Kilograms in muscle? 

Plan around your goals & you will be one step closer to achieving them.

It’s important when starting the gym that you set realistic goals. You don’t want to be claiming that by the end of 2022 you are going to be Mr Olympia if you have never been into fitness, the chances are you are going to struggle at first. Set each small milestone, each small goal & celebrate the wins along the way. This will help you get momentum & will stop you becoming demotivated.

Work in habits, focus on developing one small habit at a time & start to build on them. Habits will help you build a healthy lifestyle which will shape who you become in years to come.

Here is one of our best tips for making sure you stick to the gym in the new year:

Waking up early

Even if you have a 9-5 job, waking up early and hitting the gym before work will remove schedule conflicts & free up your evenings to relax whilst enjoying some time for yourself. Although it is hard to wake up sometimes, you will massively see an increase of happiness in all areas of your life if you begin to wake up early every day.

If you have a habit of pressing the snooze button every morning or staying in bed later than you should: We have an amazing fix for you!

Get yourself a personal trainer or gym partner. This is a great way to stick to your fitness plan & spend more time in the gym. Having a fitness partner will skyrocket your gym attendance as you both force each other to go when the other doesn’t feel like it.

Additionally, working out with a workout plan & someone who actually knows what they’re doing, will help you have faith that you will see results from the hard work you are putting in. Consequently you won’t have to hold yourself accountable for forcing yourself to go to the gym & your gym membership is not going to go to waste. If you’re struggling with forcing yourself to take those first nervous steps into the gym, you may want to invest in a garden gym shed.

Why motivation is a myth & won’t help you stick to your new year’s weight loss resolution:

When someone feels motivated, it is simply them being driven by their emotions. Emotions cause a short term response in someone which cannot be sustained. People aren’t constantly happy, people aren’t constantly angry, there are ups and downs.

If your January gym sessions consist of you being filled with motivation from emotion, it’s likely you’re not going to reach your fitness goals as it gets harder to stay motivated for longer periods of time. What will truly keep someone going to the gym after the initial burst of motivation wears off is discipline. Train yourself to be disciplined and not let things slip, that way you can embed going to the gym as part of your lifestyle. That is a top tip from gym sheds!