The Best Home Gym Flooring ideas

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There’s no denying home gym floors take a battering. The constant dropping of weights & pressure from machines take a toll on your gym floor every time you work out. This is why it’s so essential that people protect your garden gym’s flooring. No one wants to have to repair their home gym floor every month.

There’s plenty of great options to choose from that protect the floor of your gym shed. We suggest you use wood, carpet, foam vinyl, & even rubber for the best protection of your workout space.

There’s plenty of shock absorbent options & we will help you decide which is the best choice for you. A lot of the time, the right material depends on what main form of exercise you plan on doing. If you’re struggling on deciding which gym equipment is best suited for your activities, you may want to check out our guide on Gym Equipment To Help You Lose Weight At Home. You also have to ask yourself, as you looking for something that will be quick & easy to clean or something that will be a good investment & durable?

We have plenty of options to choose from that can help dampen the blow from your heavy weight exercises. 

foam floor tiles for your home garden fitness center
Foam Floor Tile Provide Protection For Your Home Gym

Foam Flooring

Foam tiles are great for home gym shed flooring. They’re usually made up of interlocking tiles & are incredibly easy to install. It is a lot like laying yoga mats out across your gym, which is a great DIY option for people on a budget.

Foam flooring is usually a lot less resistant & will endure more wear and tear. If you regularly complete heavy weight exercises or HIIT (High Intensity) workouts, you most likely want to stay away from foam flooring.

The best place we can advise you to look for is Amazon. Usually it’s very cheap, you’re looking at around £1-£4 Per Square Foot & Amazon has a great variety for you to choose from, including options that provide more resistance & protection for your home gym.

Rubber mats For Protecting The Floor Of Your Workout Space
Rubber Flooring Is A Great Option For Protecting Your Workout Space Within Your Garden Building

Rubber Matting

Rubber is a strong, heavy duty, resistant material, it is the perfect fit for your home gym if you love weight training & trying to improve your max deadlift. A lot of commercial gyms in the United Kingdom use this type of flooring, and that is a reason why. Rubber flooring exercise mats have great versatility & have amazing shock absorption qualities.

Rubber flooring is one of the easiest gym shed floors to maintain, it can be easily installed & removed, which is great for when you need to quickly convert your shed for storage.

However, there are some cons to rubber flooring. Generally it can be quite expensive, although there are some cheaper options if you shop around, however cheaper options will often mean the rubber is not as thick, providing less protection for your wooden floor.

Carpet Tile Gym Flooring Ideas For Your Home Timber Building
Carpet Tile Gym Flooring

Carpet Tile Gym Flooring

Carpet is a great solution if you are stuck deciding what flooring to use for your gym shed or home gym. It is popular in many gyms across the world due to its ability to serve any purpose, comfort ability & it’s cost effective. Carpet Gym Tile Flooring is quick & easy to install, as well as easily being maintained, so that you can keep your gym shed clean.

When deciding on carpet to use in your gym shed, stay away from thick fluffy carpet that you would see in your bathroom. You’ll be looking for a carpet that is a low pile short carpet.

Working Out On Cushioned Vinyl Flooring In Your Ventilated Garden Structure
Cushioned Vinyl For A Soft Touch Added To Your Workouts

Cushioned Vinyl Flooring

Cushioned Vinyl has great durability, and it is often overlooked as an option for home gyms. It is an easy to clean, strong option that adds a great aesthetic to your home gym & can come in a range of designs.

Vinyl has relatively good shock absorbing qualities so we would recommend this for high intensity cardio exercises. Peel and stick vinyl is one of the hassle-free floors, installing this will not give you a headache & is very easy to lay down in your new weight training play area.

Which Material Do I Use For My Gym Shed?

Everyone’s personal requirements are different when deciding which material to use as flooring in your home gym. Gym Sheds recommends that you take into consideration your budget & type of activity that you intend to carry out in your home fitness center. 

This guide has provided some cost effective alternatives for people who are looking for a DIY solution which you may find yourself leaning towards if you’re looking to save money. Whereas we have also tried to provide the most practical solutions for people who intend to be maxing out & dropping weights abruptly. It’s entirely up to you & only you can decide which material is best suited towards your needs.