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Step By Step: A Beginners Guide To Building A Shed Base

Building The Perfect Garden Log Cabin Base

When you’re planning on building a shed in your garden, it’s important that you have a solid and level wooden shed base. Here at Heavy Duty Timber Buildings, we highly recommend having a level ground for your garden shed. If you have not created a base, but do have a patio or decking, that will be sufficient.

Tongue & Groove, Shiplap and Overlap: Buying A Shed

Shiplap Cladding on tanalised garden buildings

We are all guilty of getting wrapped up in the aesthetic look of our garden buildings. A Garden shed might look nice & that makes it easy to forget about the build and cladding.

They’re an important feature of your garden building, cladding can have an impact on a lot more than you think. The strength, price and even the uses of your shed are all affected by the cladding. If you want to find the perfect garden shed, or garden office, it is essential you know the difference between the different styles to help you find the perfect shed for you.

How To Insulate A Garden Shed | Step By Step Instructions

Summerhouse Mancave Insulation For Your Garden Office

Here is a quick summary of the key takeaways from this guide.

If you want to stay warm in the winter you should consider insulating your shed.You should insulate your shed the moment the shed is ready for insulation to be put in place. You need to choose the right material to insulate your garden gym shed otherwise it’s practical use will not be what you need it to be. Some materials are very easy to install, some materials are very resistant, and some materials are expensive. It is entirely up to you what you choose, you just need to have in mind what best suits you, your budget & your uses. Guides On How To Install Floor, Roof & Wall Insulation For Your Shed.

The Best Home Gym Flooring ideas

Garden Gym Shed Home Gym

There’s no denying home gym floors take a battering. The constant dropping of weights & pressure from machines take a toll on your gym floor every time you work out. This is why it’s so essential that people protect your garden gym’s flooring. No one wants to have to repair their home gym floor every month.

There’s plenty of great options to choose from that protect the floor of your gym shed. We suggest you use wood, carpet, foam vinyl, & even rubber for the best protection of your workout space.

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Welcome To The Home Of Gym Sheds. We Specialize In Custom Built Heavy Duty Timber Buildings. It doesn’t matter what form of exercise you complete n your home garden gym. You have to have a good setup so you can participate in your favourite workouts at home. You could be a dedicated weight lifters, a […]