10 Garden Office Ideas | Productivity When Working From Home

Garden Office Being Productive Whilst Working From Home

Do you find working from home difficult? Is your working environment loud, hectic & full of mayhem? 

Creating a perfect, quiet, productive working environment is the heart and soul purpose of high quality garden office buildings. Given the current circumstances, many businesses are moving towards the idea of remote working, allowing people the freedom to work from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. 

However, without being at a working office, it’s hard to stay focused & avoid distractions, which is why so many people look for ways to stay productive whilst working from home. A garden office building is the perfect solution.

Let’s Take A Look At Our 10 Garden Office Ideas That Will Help You Stay Productive Whilst Working From Home…

1. The Heavy Duty Timber Building Idea

Sheds & Summerhouses, What Fits Your garden?
Heavy Duty Timber Buildings

This garden office is by far the most practical & cost effective on this list. It’s simplistic & easy-to-insulate design allows it to be adapted by anyone who requires a garden building to complete work in.

It’s perfect for removing distractions & helping your mind focus. It is so much more than your average garden shed, the team at Heavy Duty Timber Buildings can fully customize the insulated log cabin to your exact requirements.

The wood is treated by Tanalith E (environmentally friendly wood preservative). This means that it will last in the long term much like any other garden office space on this list. For more information on these products please contact us on Heavy Duty Timber Building’s Website.

2. Compact Home Office Idea

The Small Office To Complete Work In
Image Credit: workawayoffice.co.uk

This small garden space idea is great for people who don’t have a lot of room in their gardens. It has a clean design & it’s size means it will be great for helping you stay focussed. However, it could be too small. It would be important to take regular breaks when working from your garden in this particular office, as it could be damaging to your mental health staring at the same 4 walls 8 hours a day; if you’re someone who can work & concentrate for extended periods of time.

3. The Garden Office Pod Idea

Lime Lace Garden Pod For Your meetings
Image Credit: Lime Lace

This is beautiful garden office idea which adds a unique aesthetic to your garden space. If you want to invest in a garden office pod, everyone will want to have meetings in it. Lime Laces sophisticated, modern design really can fit into any garden environment. Here is a link to Lime Laces website if you want to view more of their products.

However, it is essential you have a garden space that is big enough to fit one of these pods, as they’re not small. They have great seating options, even with a table that can be adjusted. This is perfect for meetings of all sizes, as this pod can seat up to eight people at once!

4. The Garage Swap Office Idea

Home Garage Conversion Into A Workplace Office
Image Credit: Andrew Kelly

This home office idea is a great example of what creativity & knowledge can fabricate! Architect Neil Cooke extended his garage building & completely changed it into a garden office! He added a number of great elements to this building, such as rubber roofing, oak laths, double glazing & a completely new frame.

This inspiring conversion of his garage required him to obtain full planning permission & the total cost was around £48,000. We’ll leave it up to you to decide if that £48,000 was worth it, but here at Heavy Duty Timber Buildings, we definitely think it was.

5. The Green-Office Shed Idea

The Greenhouse Style Office Shed
The Greenhouse Style Office Shed

This design is based off of a greenhouse & is another slick design that could spruce up your garden space. The use of plenty of windows helps to keep the garden office lit up with light without the use of electrics to keep your creative mind lit up on the cloudiest of days.

The use of windows to utilize light from outside could be a great cost reducer over long periods of time!

The design we are looking at here is perfect for people who can be inspired by nature & like to appreciate their surroundings whilst they are at work. If you’re looking for a home office with this design, the team at Heavy Duty Timber Buildings can fully customize a garden shed to fit this spec.

6. The Log Cabin Office Idea

Cabin Style Garden Office By Life
Image Credit: Life Space Cabins

This particular idea is from Life Space Cabins, is made from aluminum & is fully insulated. If you look on their website, it is called The Dart. There is a range of shapes & sizes that you can choose from to fit your specific needs. You can even pick between different fittings & internal layouts.

If you’re looking for luxury you can even go as far as adding your very own bathroom in this cosy log cabin!

7. The Light Office Idea

The Light Shed By Architect Richard John Andrews
Image Credit: Chris Snook

This is another creative design from an architect. This time it is from Richard John Andrews. He challenged himself with designing a low cost garden studio for his business in London.

The entire structure was hand built by his assistant & himself in a total of 21 days. The structure is built completely out of wood & the wood is covered with corrugated fiberglass planets. Overall the total cost of this project was £12,500.

Richard has many other great garden office designs under his belt & if you want to view more of his sophisticated, innovative designs that will add to any garden’s aesthetic, click here.

8. The Garden Glass Box Design Idea

The Glass Garden Working Office
Image Credit: Boundary Space

This is a beautiful modern office design. It is based ontop of a home in Notting Hill. It was created by the architecture firm Boundary Space, the idea was to create a space where the owner could fully concentrate. Hence, why the office is on top of the building, it is away from the street & the rest of the house so it is free from distractions. 

Although, it was not just Boundary Space who worked on this, they also worked with a team of landscape designers, FRLA, to create the beautiful landscape with grass & flowers that you could look through, creating a sense of isolation & allowing you to become inspired by nature.

9. The Steel Office Idea

Stainless Steel Garden Office
Image Credit: Garden House Design

This was a idea that was fabricated in real life by Garden House Design. It is a stainless steel garden room & has a cubic shape. It has great window design to allow plenty of natural light into your garden office. 

There are full glass panels, double doors & even windows. As well as this, it has some degree of customizability, being available in over four lengths & two widths, meaning it is a viable option for garden spaces of all sizes. This is great for people who want a simplistic, modern office in their garden as it looks amazing with plants surrounding it.

10. The Modular Garden Studio Office Idea

A Home Office Made From Geometric Shapes
Image Credit: Mokki Modular Studios

Field Studio Architects had a great zero wastage fabrication method for this design. They used Off site fabrication techniques and the latest cutting technology to ensure that the manufacturing process was efficient. 

This creative home studio design is based off of 3 basic geometric shapes. Due to this, the studios can be configured in various ways. It is created from plywood & has a total cost of around £13,200 including the foundations and installation.