Sheds and Summerhouses, What Best Fits Your Garden?

Sheds & Summerhouses, What Fits Your garden?

Adding To Your Home With A High Quality Garden Building Is A Great Choice! Not Only Will It Increase Your Property Value, But A Contemporary Summer house Or Log Cabin Also Adds A Great Aesthetic To Your Garden.

However, before purchasing either it’s important that you know the difference so you can decide what is best for you. Are you looking for a certain shape and size, a structure which can be converted into a garden office or even be converted into a garden room?

Knowing the differences between sheds and summerhouses will help you decide which best suits Your specific needs.

What’s The Difference Between A Shed & A Summer House?


A Shed Is Considered A Garden Building – It Has This In Common With A Summerhouse, as both are constructed with tongue and groove fittings whilst providing functional uses within your garden. Shed’s are typically wooden buildings, however materials included to build a shed may include wood, metal sheathing, plastic sheathings, or vinyl walls over a wooden frame.

What Are They Used For?

Sheds are not your usual home office building. They are used for storage of garden tools, outdoor furniture or used as workshops. A Shed allows you to enjoy a hobby like wood working, potting and raising plants. Most garden sheds average about 12 ft by 12 ft, or smaller, similar to a corner summer house.

Additional Note: Sheds usually don’t require planning permission resultantly meaning they are not authorised and regulated.


Garden Summer Houses are most commonly constructed from a wooden structure or pressure treated timber. Summerhouses are commonly made to be an attractive addition to the garden, and so are created for aesthetic, as well as function ability.

Contemporary summerhouses are a great example of a garden building which adds to the appearance , whilst also providing great function ability.

If you’re garden space is restricted, you may want to look at a corner summerhouse, these are designed specifically for smaller garden’s, providing the same benefits as a contemporary summerhouse.

Does A Summer House Need Planning Permission?

In Most Cases, A Summer House Is Considered A “Permitted Development” Meaning It Won’t Usually Require Planning Permission. However, there can be terms and conditions that apply if your summerhouse is over 3m high & covers more than half of the garden., this is due to summerhouses being regulated by the financial conduct authority.

So Which Should You Buy?

Midlands Sheds And Summerhouses Recommends Buying A Garden Structure Which Is Best Suited Towards The Function Ability Of Which You Intend To Use It For, As Described Earlier In This Post.

We Offer Free Delivery On All Sheds & Summerhouses Ordered From Our Website. All Of Our Products Come With Simple Step By Step Instructions On How To Fit Our Plat Packed Sheds & Summerhouses Together, Based On Their Tongue And Groove Designs.

Midlands Sheds & Summerhouses Also Acts As A Credit Broker, Offering Financing Options On Our Garden Buildings

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